Fiber, Fiber, Everywhere!

It has been a busy few weeks here on the farm. We sheared all the sheep so they now have their cool summer haircuts! And we now have freshly shorn raw fleece for sale.

Here is Red, getting ready to go under the, er, clippers.

Shearing a sheep

And here she is afterwards, looking like a whole new sheep!


Okay, okay, so it really is a different sheep. It’s Virginia, one of our Romney ewes. She is Red’s mother and is refusing to smile for the camera. I guess she didn’t get the exact style she was hoping for.

Virginia might not have been thrilled, but we certainly were. Seeing those bags of freshly shorn fleeces all lined up made us pretty happy.

freshly shorn fleeces

While we may be saving a fleece or two to enter into the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival this fall, we have several others available for sale. The prices vary depending on breed (Romney, Leicester Longwool, CVM/Romeldale and a few crossbred fleeces), as well as quality so contact us if you are interested.

freshly shorn fleeces

We also have a few fiber lambs available to new homes later this summer. I’ll write more about them later but just couldn’t resist sharing this photo of Heath looking very thoughtful and handsome.

CVM Romeldale & Leicester Longwool ram lamb