Welcome to Wandering Peacock Farm

Our new adventure has taken us away from the farm. We have left the farm web site up as a reminder and also to help guide you to hopefully another farmer that shares our values and beliefs. We were a small, diverse, first-generation family farm located between Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our animals lived happy lives in the sunshine and fresh air, eating only natural and certified organic feed grown specifically for them by a local organic mill (you will not find a better mill then S & S Custom Roasters in Lowell WI) in addition to grass and hay. We specialized in rare and endangered heritage breeds that gave us delicious pastured meats and beautiful, clean wool that handspinners love.

The core values of our farm revolved around our beliefs that every animal deserves love, respect and a name regardless of their role on the farm. These are our most important values:

1. Provide a great place for our kids to grow up with dirt in their toes and where they can learn the value of an honest day’s work.

2. Be good stewards of the resources we’re entrusted with. Read more About Us and The Animals to see what we’re doing about this.

3. It is always about what is best, whether that be what is best for the animals, what is best for our family, or what is best for the products we have to offer. We always try to do what is best, not what will make the most money or save the most time.

While we no longer offer our own farm products for sale, we encourage you to seek out local farmers and build relationships with them. Find a farmer that shares your values and treats their animals well and support them as best you can. Farming is hard both physically and mentally. Many are small families where the farm isn’t their only income. We encourage you to look at rare and endangered breeds of livestock. Contact organizations such as the Livestock Conservancy (formerly the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy). Find breeds that suit your farm and goals. Work with the breed organizations. Don’t want animals but want great bacon or grass/pasture based meats and eggs, they have a directory and many breed organizations will have farm listings.

Thanks for stopping by!

Josh & Mandy Whitlock
Wandering Peacock Farm