Welcome to Wandering Peacock Farm

We are growing great food for ourselves and are glad to share with your family. 2014 is already shaping up to be a very exciting year for our farm. Our family has really enjoyed the challenges and rewards the last few years have provided us. These experiences are constantly shaping our plans but we still hold to our most important values:

1. Provide a great place for our kids to grow up with dirt in their toes and where they can learn the value of an honest day’s work.

2. Be good stewards of the resources we’re entrusted with. Yeah, it’s corny and the new catch phrase of a lot of things but we mean it. Read over the Meet the Farmers and Meet the Animals pages to see what we’re doing about this.

3. It is always about what is best. Whether that be what is best for the animals, what is best for our family, or what is best for the products we have to offer. It is never about the money and making more of it. We’re hoping that comes if we do a good job with #1, #2 and #3.

Our animals live happy lives in the sunshine and fresh air. We raise 100% grassfed and finished lamb and goat. We offer whole chickens, eggs, and an array of fiber products. All our poultry are free range and supplemented with an organic feed from a small, local mill. We offer raw, pure honey straight from the hive. We also have soaps made from our hand-milked goats and raw fleece from our Romney and Leicester Longwool sheep. We encourage our customers to visit to see how their products are produced, but we do ask for you to please call ahead.

Thanks for stopping by!

Josh & Mandy Whitlock


Wandering Peacock Farm
Reeseville, WI